My name is Greg, and together with a few others we are an independently owned repair lab in central Michigan.

I've been creating electronic circuit's and tearing electronics apart since before I was a teenager. I'm an engineering university student and in early 2021 I started computer video card repairs full time for customers all over the USA.
Over the course of the last two years I continue to successfully repair dozens of varieties of electronics from LG TV's, to laptops and Motorola radios.
When big brands over charge and waste your time. We get to the point. We repair RMA Rejects, We fix the impossible.
The Partners We Trust
We rely on Rohde & Schwarz digital benchtop multimeters everyday in our line of repair work.

With its four-wire Kelvin measuring capabilities, we are able to determine if a modern video card (2017 and newer) core is completely dead, or within normal operational resistance ranges.
The difference is in the tens of milli-ohms which almost all multimeters do not have the resolution for.
Only the highest quality tools can be found in our labs.

From our collection of knipex cutters and pliers to our ESD safe Wiha screwdrivers we are able to be in and out of your device without you noticing we were ever there.
Customer Testimonials
In the process of acquiring a new GPU since the one I had (Zotac RTX 2080 ti) did not work, I found that the prices were sky high (August 2021 2x to 3x). I decided to check if the card could be repaired. After a long search on the internet and on youtube videos, I found this repair shop in the "Tech Cemetery" discord and contacted them.

The treatment was very professional and they helped me diagnose the GPU before sending it to check if it had a possibility of repair.

When we found that I had a memory module error problem, they told me that there were good possibilities to fix it. They recommended that I wait for the part to be available to send it.

After receiving it, they informed me of all the situations encountered and actions to take with the GPU. The experience was so good that I had already decided to write a report on the excellence of the treatment. The GPU was repaired and immediately shipped back.

If you have a similar situation or something wrong with your GPU I highly recommend giving this company a try, you will not regret it.

August 25, 2021
John M.
A very fast and professional service. I had sent my card in for repairs after a misguided shunt mod leaving solder paste under some components on the card causing a partial short and also some resistors that were knocked off the card causing it to run at 4x pcie bus speed. I received my card back repaired and in great working condition within 1 week! I was originally selling the card for parts to get some money back as the card was selling for over 2000$ at 3rd party prices it would be extremely expensive to replace and no option to RMA due to the modifications. However, GP repair service was much more affordable and gave life back to my card. Not only did they do a great job at cleaning the card and removing the partial short (the card looks brand new) they were also able to find and repair 2 tiny resistors that were causing the bus speed to stay at 4x instead of 16x. They also have excellent communication and are extremely professional and keep you updated during the repair process at all times. If you have an expensive GPU that is broken and don't want to wait for or can't RMA a damaged card I highly recommend this company.

July 20, 2021
Jonathan L.
I had a great experience with GFX Repair!

My graphics cards were fixed quickly and efficiently, the repair agreement seems solid, and I was able to receive updates on the issues and how they were resolved upon request.

Video of card in operation and screenshots of Superposition benchmark results and GPU-Z were sent to verify the graphics card was fixed.

Referred from Tech Cemetery.

December 30, 2022
Jason L.
I acquired a Dell RTX 3080 Graphics Card in a lot of mining gear that I bought. I was informed that the card did not work and given no explanation as to what had happened to this card as it was an as-is sale.

Upon my inspection of the card I could see that an interior components had been damaged. With one damaged component I knew that probably some other components had damage also. Micro soldering is something I’m fascinated with but out of my skill set right now. I proceeded to find a repair shop online as no one where I live does this type of work.

I found Global Priority LLC through an online forum and decided it was worth getting a professional opinion as to whether or not this card could be saved. I contacted them through email and got an immediate response. I proceeded to sign a liability contract for shipping both ways and for a diagnostic report at a set fee with any further work being done after my authorization. I was very surprised when as soon as my card was in their hands that I had a diagnostic report within hours. I had expected it would take days if not weeks to get a response.

A professional diagnostic report came back and listed multiple damaged components including the core. It was theorized that a riser cable used in mining may have been plugged into this card backwards. This would cause 12v to be sent straight to the core through some data lines only meant for a few volts causing mortal damage to the core and many other components. Being the core is the most expensive part of the card it was not feasible to repair the card at this time.

I was charged for shipping both ways and for a diagnostic report that was very reasonable. I was also impressed that they accept PayPal which is convenient. Even thou my card was not salvageable at this time it was well worth getting a professional opinion. Global Priority LLC is very professional, fast, and reasonable. I would highly recommend their services to anyone that has a graphics card in need of repairs.

February 25, 2022