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We specialize in Electronics Repair
From graphics cards
to Apple Macbooks,
entire enterprise systems,
motorola radios,
and satellite phones.
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PoE/Ethernet Device Repair
- Plug-in 48v Passive PoE into your non-PoE capable devices?
- Maybe a nearby lightning strike blew out your cameras or backhaul radios.
We can repair them.
Emergency BIOS Flashbacks
We program EEPROM chips directly
to recover accidental firmware
erasure or misprogramming
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Extreme Overclocking
We can upgrade every memory module
to help you get higher scores
Other services we offer
GPU Shunt modding with a factory finish starting at 25$
Ultra-Sonic cleaning with our in house Crest Ultrasonic P500H-45 starting at 50$
BGA Reflow and reballing starting at 120$
Thermal pad and paste professional installation with only our best quality pads and paste for only 25$
Thorough cleaning service of any electronic component or device starting at 35$